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                    About Coconut

                    Coconut is a smart accounting tool for self-employed people.

                    It’s a simple, easy-to-use app with expenses, invoicing and tax all in one. Simply connect your bank account and get going in minutes.

                    Working for yourself presents a number of unique challenges. It’s all too easy to waste your valuable time on things like tracking your expenses, getting paid on time by clients, or worrying about your dreaded tax return. And traditional products like cloud accounting packages and business bank accounts haven’t kept up with the fast-paced way we work today.

                    Self-employment and entrepreneurship is the biggest shift in the way we work for a generation, and we’re building Coconut to be the platform to enable this economy to boom.

                    Coconut’s vision is to make self-employment easier than being employed.

                    We believe that everyone should have the freedom to earn income on their own terms. Whilst finding work and doing work are well served, running your business is not. That’s where we come in.

                    We want to make it much easier to run your self-employed business and ensure you have better financial security than if you were an employee.

                    Whilst we have an ambitious vision which will take years to achieve, we have zeroed in on the first stage of our mission.

                    We’re building the ultimate accounting and tax tool for self-employed people.

                    Free yourself from business admin

                    Download Coconut on iOS or Android. Open an account in minutes with a passport or driving licence. Once you’re approved, you’re ready to do business.

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                    Google Play